Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote,
Amy H. Sturgis

Lightsabers and Wands! Here I Go re: The Force Awakens

I was invited to share my interpretations of and opinions on The Force Awakens -- including my five-point rebuttal to the "derivative" objection -- in an extended interview on MuggleNet Academia with hosts Keith Hawk and the Hogwarts Professor himself, John Granger, as well as my fellow Potterphiles Emily Strand and Shannen Michaels.

Check out MuggleNet Academia Lesson #41: "Lightsabers and Wands"! If you listen, I hope you enjoy.

I should mention that some of my comments on "Rey's Theme" from John Williams's score for The Force Awakens were inspired by the insights of the brilliant David W. Collins on Rebel Force Radio's "Oxygen Vol. 25: The Music of The Force Awakens, Part 1." Highly recommended!

Note: I'm still recovering from my recent illness, so I've fallen behind in my replies to comments. I'll be catching up soon!
Tags: harry potter, interviews, podcasts, star wars

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