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Here are two quick recommendations of works I recently finished that are perfect for the season.
* Book rec:
A Taste for Monsters by Matthew J. Kirby (2016), historical/mystery/horror/fantasy YA. What a beautiful, haunting story! My review is here.
* Netflix streaming rec:
Glitch. This is the Australian version of France's take on "the dead are back," The Returned (which I also love), but a unique enough spin to make this its own separate animal. The first season has six episodes (binge-able!) and the second season is in production now. Great writing. Intriguing and poignant.

On to the countdown...

While we were at Worldcon in August, my fantastic mother picked up for me a beautiful picture book, saying that it "looked like me" (which I take as a huge compliment). It's a gorgeous, Gothic story, both spooky and heartwarming, and I can't recommend it enough: The Lady ParaNorma by Vincent Marcone.

As it turns out, the picture book is based on an equally gorgeous short film. I present to you The Lady ParaNorma.


Oct. 28th, 2016 05:47 pm (UTC)
While I'm at it, here's a sampling of Lovecraftian anime.


A Lovecraftian take on the heshin genre (think Ultraman). Sho Fukamachi is a high school sophomore who, while one day wandering through the woods near his home, comes across a strange device. Unfortunately, it contains a suit of organic armor which had been stolen and hidden away by an escaped test subject of the sinister organization Chronos. Even more unfortunately, upon contact, the armor bonds with him. Chronos wants that armor back and sends its monstrous Zhoanoid soldiers expropriate it from Sho by any means necessary.

This one has a strong At the Mountains of Madness vibe to it. The background is that Chronos had discovered a prehistoric alien base inside a mountain in Japan. While nothing about the aliens themselves is known, they do learn much about their work. It was their intent to tinker with Earth's life forms to create super soldiers. The end result was humanity, at which point they up and left, abandoning their project. Also left behind were three Guyver suits. Using the information they were able to interpret, Chronos experimented on humans to reawaken the genes which allowed them to take on their Zhoanoid forms. The original manga has been adapted multiple times. The easiest to access (as well as the one most faithful to the source material) is the 2005 TV series. Reputedly the most Gawdawful was a 1991 live action movie whose only redeeming quality was that the Guyver and Zhoanoid designs were pretty good.

Princess Resurrection

Hapless junior high student Hiro Hiyorimi has moved to a new town, where his sister has obtained work as a live-in maid at a creepy old mansion. Not long after arriving, he's killed in an accident. Fortunately, the mistress of the mansion deigns to bring him back to life. Less fortunately, he's now dependent on her for his continued existence and is forever doomed to be her undead lackey.

Overtly, this focuses more on the Universal monsters, but a few Lovecraftian elements have creeped in. The most notable being the scene where Hime brings back Hiro while reciting a certain couplet (That which is not dead blah blah blah). And while the monsters in Episode 4 are ostensibly a nod to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, there are some definite references to the Deep Ones (most notably a shot of Hime reading a copy of Obed Marsh's log). Then again, the Creature is very reminiscent of the Deep Ones.


Obviously, there had to be a title involving giant robots, and it's this one. Specifically sentient eldritch tome powered giant robots. Also it has what may be the most over the top portrayal of Herbert West. Truth be told, it's not a very good series. But if nothing else, it reimagines The Shadow Over Innsmouth as a Beach Episode (let that sink in).

Soul Eater

The best way to sum this one up is if you took Harry Potter, made Hermione the lead character, have all the dark powers fighting shenanigans by the students be officially sanctioned by the faculty, and pull it through a Tim Burton filter. But there are some Lovecraftian themes, particularly on the subjects of fear and insanity. Also the primary antagonist is like a cross between Herbert West, Asenath Waite, and Joan Crawford as depicted in Mommy Dearest.

Haiyore Nyarko-san

The simple yet absurd premise of this series is that this guy's girlfriend is Nyarlathotep. Also Cthugha is a stalky lesbian (reread August Derleth's The Dweller in Darkness with that thought in mind).

These are the ones I've personally seen. There are others, but these are more difficult to obtain. For instance, I've heard some intriguing things about Spriggan, but it's bloody near impossible to obtain.

I can't really recommend any of these titles to complete anime newbs. At most, I could suggest Guyver (if you think you can handle the intense violence) or Soul Eater (if you don't mind some occasional immature moments). Those two can be found at Funimation, Demonbane and Haiyore Nyarko-san are available at Crunchyroll, and I believe Princess Resurrection can be had at Hulu.
Oct. 29th, 2016 02:30 pm (UTC)
How brilliant! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!