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It is done.

Thanks to everyone who wished me well about the Past Watchful Dragons conference and to those who took part. It was thrilling to hear febobe's wonderful paper and to see the success of melissagay's art booth. (My copy of her "Aslan" print is going in a place of high honor.) It was also terrific to see toddlyles, gondoriangirl, solodancer, lizzieausten, griffith_gwyn, pktheater, and many others.

Thus far the press for the event has been quite excellent. For example:

"Belmont University Partners With Narnia on Tour for Past Watchful Dragons Conference"

"Stepson of C.S. Lewis Talks about Narnia" (I'm sure the world could do without a picture of me, however.)

"Gresham Helps Belmont Audience Celebrate Lewis"

And there's a thread at with a review and pictures from the brilliant "Inconsolable Secret" concert here.

I could not have been more pleased at how events unfolded. We had attendees from all over the world, packed sessions, sold out events. The paper presentations and keynote sessions were terrific, the Narnia on Tour room with its many booths was a triumph, Douglas Gresham's appearance went extremely well, and the "An Evening with C.S. Lewis" play by David Payne, "The Inconsolable Secret" concert by Glass Hammer, and the "Lord of the Rings Symphony" by The Nashville Symphony all were spectacular. I need a few more days of sleep to recuperate from the planning stages of it all, but I am grateful and happy beyond words.

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