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Vine Deloria, Jr. (1933-2005) Rest in Peace

::takes a moment of silence::

From From Indian Country Today:

Deloria, the world-renown Hunkpapa author and scholar from the Standing Rock Reservation, made a huge contribution to the Native peoples of North America and the world. His intellectual output, at once free-ranging with creativity and yet tight with academic rigor, pinned down the legal and historical bases desperately needed by the national Indian discourse. He provided a great piece of the intellectual locomotion upon which a moving platform of American Indian/Native studies research, publishing, production and teaching has been constituted.

Other obituaries:

The New York Times
The Seattle Times
Rapid City Journal
Rocky Mountain News

This is indeed a tremendous loss not only for the American Indian community, but also for the world. I cannot begin to state my own personal debt to Deloria for his scholarship, his activism, his example, and his words.

Thanks to the kind agentxpndble, who first made me aware of this sad news, and to my students (many of whom have read Deloria's work in my classes), who have been emailing me today about it.

"For the wheel of Karma grinds slowly, but it does grind finely. And it makes a complete circle."
Vine Deloria, Jr. from Custer Died For Your Sins
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