Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote,
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Gone Orc-ing...

I'm off to speak and sign at ORC, The One Ring Celebration. I'll be back online on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend. Long live the Shire!

As I walk tiredly toward the West,
And think of all I’ve seen and done,
Fortress tall and cavern deep
Old forest dark, the ocean wide,
And climbing up the mountainside,
My road then led me further on,
So I journeyed westward.

As I walk tiredly toward the West
My heart cries out for hearth and home.
Familiar faces, friendly smiles --
Now all I know is left behind
Until at last one day I’ll find
My road will lead me home once more
To go no more a-questing.

Am I to lose my way again?
Never to see your sweet smile, my friend?
I’ll search to find you and bring you home once more
My true love, far away...

from "As I Walk" by Glass Hammer, from The Middle Earth Album

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