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Intentionally Lost

I mused previously about the naming of the John Locke character on Lost. Now, as of last night, we have Rousseau on the island, as well. So it is intentional! Now we know where all good political theorists go (and all good science fiction/fantasy genre stars, as well: at this point we have Lord of the Rings, Millennium, Harsh Realm, Crusade, and Babylon 5 represented by the cast -- am I missing anything?). Obviously, they don't die or fade away: they end up together on an island. I say good for the political science student-turned-scriptwriter who is obviously having so much fun with this. I'll be anxious to see what the series' final position on humanity's "state of nature" actually is. Clearly, giant polar bears are somehow key. And so, of course, is golf.

In other news, registration is now open for two science fiction/fantasy-related conventions I'm excited about attending this upcoming spring and summer as a guest speaker. The first is MidSouthCon 23 (April 1-3, 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA). Last year was my first MidSouthCon, and I had a marvelous time with the enthusiastic, welcoming group there and the terrific panels and events they sponsored. I'm already looking forward to April!

The second con is HyperiCon 2005: A Speculative Fiction Convention (July 17-19, 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA). This is a new event, desperately needed here in Music City, and it is being organized by a class act group of experienced fans. I hope all who can will take part and help HyperiCon become an annual Nashville tradition.

And now for my quotes of the day, in the spirit of yesterday's post:

"The power of the world works in circles, and everything tries to be round."
Black Elk

"I'm already in
Circles and circles and circles again
The girl's in circles and circles, got to stop spinning,
Circles and circles and circles again..."
from "Cloud on my Tongue,"
Tori Amos

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