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Still alive. Still working.

Hey everyone! I have lots to write about and not enough time at the moment to write it. More soon! For now, just a few quick updates about buying things:

* Five more days! The 20% discount preorder special for The Magic Ring is available through April 30. FYI.

* Remember the Past Watchful Dragons C.S. Lewis Conference I directed last November? Glass Hammer, the band that performed the amazing "Inconsolable Secret" concert for that conference, is releasing that show as a double DVD. Check out the trailer for Glass Hammer's Live From Belmont DVD (yes, that's the voice of yours truly introducing the band). I am so thrilled that they are making this performance available. It was a one-of-a-kind show; at the climax of the concert, the band was backed by a choir of 150 of Belmont's finest singing in Elvish. :)

* In case you care: currently Hot Topic is having a 20% sale on all online orders. So there.

My quote for the day is a description I find incredibly beautiful (Thomas Carlyle describing the writing of the Baron de la Motte Fouqué):

A faint superficial gaiety seems to rest over all his images: it is not merriment or humour; but the self-possession of a man too earnestly serious to be heedful of solemn looks; and it plays like sunshine on the surface of a dark pool, deepening by contrast the impressiveness of the gloom which it does not penetrate.

Thomas Carlyle, "Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué," from German Romance: Specimens of Its Chief Authors; with Biographical and Critical Notices (1827)

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