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Highlander: Joe Dawson fic recs

Warning: fannishness follows

Recently dodger_winslow reminded me how much I love the character of Joe Dawson (played by Jim Byrnes) from The Highlander. It struck me that I should collect in one place the links to some "must read" Joe-centric fan fiction. If you're interested, here's my list to date. Suggestions or recommendations are most welcome!

Joe as Main Character:

Everything at Backstage at Joe's Bar by mackiedockie

"Sanction" by dodger_winslow

"Yeah, That One Last Thing" by amand_r

"The Price of Interference" by keerawa

"A Weakness for Beautiful Things" by elistaire

"Joe Versus The Insurance Investigator" by Stephanie Lutz

"The Parting Glass", "The Kindest Mortals", and "Last Set Before Closing" by Kat Allison

"Heroes and Other Endangered Species" by MacGeorge

"Brothers in Arms: The Wall of Love"

"The Bartender" by CindyR

"The Truce" by Mary Galasso (currently down)

Sacred Trust by Lanning Cook (currently down)

Joe Het:

"It's Probably Me" by JiM: 1, 2, and 3

"Flood of Passion", "The Barman, the Thieves and the Lover", and "Friends, Enemies and Lovers" (trilogy) by Jette

"Nameless Fantasies" by Jette

The Emory Series by listen-r, (currently down) including
"Discoveries and Developments"
"A Solitary Figure"
"Acceptance and Rejection"
"After Hours"
"Home for the Holidays"
"Past Problems, New Resolutions"

Joe Slash:

"After Such Knowledge" 1 and 2 by tracy_rowan

"Home" and "Take Me As I Am" by Beth M.

"After Archangel" by JiM

"Generous Souls" by Margaret Turner

"Pilgrim" by Amberleewriter

"The Wolf" by Glacis

by Tritorella
"Try A Little Tenderness"
"What Remains"
"Journey's End"
"The Watcher"
"Move Towards Life"

by Dasha
"Unconventional Virtue I: In Each Moment Grace"
"Unconventional Virtue II: In Each Heart, Hope"
"The Birds and the Bees. And also as it turns out, flowers"
"In the Early Spring, The Paris Sunrise Comes Just after Seven"
also, by the same author, the stories at Shine Where You Stand by dashamate
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