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Take a silly poll! It's fun! It's free!

First of all, happy belated birthday to syredronning. I hope you had a great day, and may you live long and prosper!

I'm gearing up to work on a future piece for Pop Thought, which led me to make the following poll:

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987)?

You've already lost me.
I vaguely recall a series by that name. Maybe. I've slept since the '80s.
They had televisions way back in the '80s?
Oh, wow, I watched that show!
I knew you were a geek, but this is ridiculous.
Of course! I still train daily with my interactive "Raid on Volcania" video.

Besides Captain Power, I have heard of and/or watched the following series by J. Michael Straczynski:

Babylon 5
None of the above, but thanks for the thought.
You're treading water in an Ocean of Lame.

If you watched Captain Power, who was your favorite character?

Captain Power, master of the incredible powersuits
Major Matthew "Hawk" Masterson, fighter in the sky
Lt. Michael "Tank" Ellis, ground assault unit
Sgt. Robert "Scout" Baker, espionage and communications
Corporal Jennifer "Pilot" Chase, tactical systems expert
Lord Dread, feared ruler of the Bio-Dread Empire
Other (see comments)
You're making this up, aren't you?

If you watched Captain Power, what was your favorite part of the series?

Two words: interactive technology.
The bleak, dystopian setting of the year 2147.
The fact the writers had the guts to kill off main characters - at Christmas, even!
Those snazzy powersuits.
I was there, and it was on TV. Don't overanalyze it, okay?
Other (se comments)
Ticky boxes are time-wasting love.

If you have any additional thoughts on or memories of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, I'd be interested in hearing them! Thanks.

In honor of syredronning, a quote for the day:

Logic is a little bird tweeting in meadow; logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.
Mr. Spock, "I, Mudd," Star Trek: The Original Series


( 15 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 31st, 2006 09:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you and thanks for the cute quote, hehe :)))))
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)
You're most welcome! I'm sorry I was a day late.

No matter how many times I hear/see that quote, it always makes me laugh out loud! :)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:21 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed Jeremiah too, and I also missed the second season. The first is out on DVD, but I can't seem to find any information about when/if the second season is due. :( And they ended the first on such a cliffhanger! Augh.
May. 31st, 2006 10:45 pm (UTC)
I really liked Cap. Power & the Solders of the Future. Fun characters, post-apoclypse setting, neat toys, and cool villains. If you Google, you can find a great, long interview with JMS about the series, and where he wanted to take it.

That season/series finalle still rips my heart out. I wish I had it on tape. Ripped my heart out that they killed *SPOILER*, impressed me that they did do it, and I wish they had done the follow-up. The show also had some great JMS lines. And it was the first show that had a place named Babylon 5 in it. :)

I worship at the altar of JMS.
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
Just when I thought you couldn't get any more cool, you did. :) First of all, I was and still am a huge CP fangirl. And I've carried a torch for Tank (yay Babylon 5!) for ages. Would you believe I even have copies of some of the scripts from the would-be second season? There are some fan communities out there that have the whole series available on DVD or CD-R. I can point you in their direction, if you like. Next year is the 20th anniversary, so I'm getting all fangirled up for it. :) I want to launch a tribute or two.
Jun. 6th, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)
Just when I thought you couldn't get any more cool, you did. :)

I am multi-levels of cool. ;)

Would you believe I even have copies of some of the scripts from the would-be second season?

Ooooh, any choice tid-bits you care to share?

There are some fan communities out there that have the whole series available on DVD or CD-R. I can point you in their direction, if you like

Humm...let me think...YES! YES! YES!

Next year is the 20th anniversary

GAH! Ok, now I feel old. When things I watched in High School are hitting their 20 year mark...*shudder*
Jun. 7th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC)
Email Eclipse@CaptainPower.com for the DVD information. He runs the Yahoo! CP list, and he's the one who distributes the DVDs.

Would you believe I even have copies of some of the scripts from the would-be second season?

The coolest was a five-show arc by Christy Marx called "The Archers," which had CP & co. go north into Canada and hook up with a bunch of low-tech guerilla fighters (think modern-day Robin Hoods). I really liked it because it let the guys get out of their suits and show they were still soldiers to be reckoned with, sans the extra technology. The new character's (Ranger's) constant hitting on Tank is pretty funny, too. I also got a script for an episode originally intended for the first season (though it could've come later), about Tank finding a librarian holed up in a town Blastarr was getting ready to demolish. She doesn't want to leave her books, and Tank is wounded trying to save her. Heartwarming stuff that, once again, got him out of the suit.

There are so many things I wish we'd had a chance to see: the weird situation with CP's mother-turned-cyborg, and especially the dynamic between an ever-more-unhinged (and darker) CP and Hawk, who would gradually take responsibility for the team. (Hawk was my second-favorite character.) I rewatched some of the eps recently, and was surprised at the guest stars: Graham Greene (of Dances with Wolves fame), Gordon Michael Woolvet from Andromeda as a young boy, etc.
Jun. 8th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh wow, that does sound like it would have been one hell of a season. So many good shows die before their time.

And thanks for the heads-up, I'll be contacting him directly. :)
Jun. 1st, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I'd nearly deleted a whole part of my memory!

*breathes into paper bag*

You totally win.
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:34 pm (UTC)
LOL! I knew you would get this! *happy dances* Since it's coming up on the 20th anniversary, I want to launch some tributes and such. I enjoyed that show tremendously, and the whole dark, smoking, bleak world it suggested.

And I want Mentor for my office, to just pop up with his reassuring information and calm explanations whenever I need it. He did everything - read maps, do math, and say "good luck." Who couldn't love that? LOL.

Tank was my favorite, though. The whole "escaped from the genetic engineering colony alone" angst thing worked for me, and he had that Norse Viking look going on. What can I say?

*huge hugs* You are the coolest.
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)
PS. Incidentally, that same actor was in an Icelandic-shot B-movie called The Viking Sagas that essentially was a retelling of Njal's Saga. Oooooh yeah. :)
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)
Wow. I think I'M the one dog-paddling in the Ocean of Lame, and swimming for far too long along the banks of the River UnCool.

I've yet to see Capt Power and his soldiers, or any of JMS' shows except maybe one ep of Babylon 5.

*drinks from the Cup of Shame*
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:35 pm (UTC)
*pats head* Never fear. There's still time. Just remember: you can never be geeky enough. ;)
Jun. 1st, 2006 06:18 am (UTC)
is your icon from reanimator?
Jun. 1st, 2006 03:21 pm (UTC)
Yes it is! :) Good catch.
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