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birthdays and news flashes

Happy birthday to baylorsr and thehornedgod! Best wishes to you both for a fabulous day and a wonderful year to come!

A few quick news flashes:
* According to BBC News, actress Billie Piper is to leave Doctor Who at the end of the current series.

* Carter Scholz has a great article on James Tiptree, Jr. (and the new biography about her) at Bookforum: "Invisible Man: a New Biography Explores the Woman Who Was James Tiptree, Jr."

* My Mythlore article "Reimagining Rose: Portrayals of Tolkien's Rosie Cotton in 21st-Century Fan Fiction" is now available for download at

"In some important sense, time is not real."
- Philip K. Dick, "How to Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later"

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