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"Everything is becoming science fiction."

Happy belated birthday to faramirgirl! I hope you had a wonderful day, and your year to come is the best yet!

Cory Doctorow's latest commentary at Locus Online is worth a read: "Science Fiction is the Only Literature People Care Enough About to Steal on the Internet."

And there's an interesting new book now available: Star Wars on Trial, edited by David Brin and Matthew Woodring Stover. Subtitled Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Debate the Most Popular Science Fiction Films of All Time, the book consists of alternating essays by Brin and Stover and numerous contributors respectively attacking and defending the Star Wars films on various issues, the central theme being "Is George Lucas a hero for bringing science fiction to a mass audience or a villain who doesn't understand the genre he's working for?"

Everything is becoming science fiction. From the margins of an almost invisible literature has sprung the intact reality of the 20th century.
J.G. Ballard, "Fictions of Every Kind"

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