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I'm off!

*Voting is open for The 2006 SyFy Portal Genre Awards, and everyone can participate: go here to vote!

*In other news, USA Today reports that scientists have now discovered over 200 extrasolar planets.

*And the third and final season of Forever Knight is finally coming to DVD!

*I am preparing to head off for a total of two trips in the next two weeks.

The first takes me to Florida, where I will be a faculty member for the Cato Institute's Cato University Summer 2006. I will be lecturing on Native American history and policy, as well as the politics of dystopian science fiction (specifically We, 1984, Brave New World, and Anthem).

Then I will go to Oklahoma, where I will be the Scholar Guest of Honor for Mythcon 37. I will give a keynote talk on Native American fantasy and Native Americans in fantasy, a reading from The Magic Ring, and two book signings. I am looking forward to seeing vonjunzt there and attending his presentation, as well as meeting one of my very favorite writers, Author Guest of Honor Lois McMaster Bujold.

I hope to have a chance to post in between the two events, and then catch up with everyone when I return. I wish you all a wonderful two weeks, my friends! Take care.

"It is for my fellow-men to decide how they will deal with me; it is for God to determine what shall be the end; but it is for myself to decide whether I shall be a hero or a dastard."
- Minstrel Love, Baron de la Motte-Fouqué

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