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personal news (publishing and teaching)

Publishing News
It is done. I have signed on the dotted line and agreed to write a new book for Greenwood (my previous books for the press are here). I have long wanted to write a biography, and my editor kindly gave me my choice of subjects in their new Native American series. I chose Tecumseh (see also here); my Tecumseh: A Biography should be out in early 2008.

(And though this isn't the reason I chose Tecumseh as my subject, it just so happens that my grandfather lives in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.)

Teaching News
In other news, my semester begins on Thursday. I will be teaching two sections of the First-Year Seminar ("Ways of Knowing"). My sections are "Ways of Knowing Today By Imagining Tomorrow," in which we follow science fiction from Mary Shelley through Serenity, considering the different definitions of "science" in science fiction, and how each approach yields insights about what it means to be human.

I am also teaching one upper-division liberal studies science fiction class, "The History of the Future," which covers a little over a century of Western history through science fiction from Verne and Wells to the present. This is one of my favorite courses, and I suspect it's probably the last time I will teach it "as is," since the freshmen taking my First-Year Seminar soon will be far enough along in their studies to take this if they so desire, and I don't want any overlap in the material from the courses. (There already is quite a difference in approach between the two.) Luckily, there is plenty of excellent writing from which to choose, so changing my assigned readings will not be a problem!

It looks like next semester my upper-division class will be "Harry Potter and His Predecessors"; this time I may be experimenting by offering the entire course online. I've done a good deal of work with online pedagogical techniques, and all of my classes have a significant online component, but this would be my first course to be online entirely. I am quite excited by the possibility of having a "virtual Hogwarts" seminar experience!

And that, my friends, is all of my news! Thanks for reading.

"The present is never the present," Sam said. "It's layered with persistent pasts."
- George Zebrowski, Macrolife

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